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Whether your projects are in one location or you have staff spread around the world, TnB can track time and billing. Using the latest Internet technology and secure browser technology, your staff can punch the clock and quickly apply time to projects. Management gets a quick handle on what staff is clocked in, who is late, who is at lunch, who left early etc. Help eliminate unpaid project overages. Pre-allocate time limits on projects and get alerts when the time has been consumed. Easily create and print a Work Order for a customer project / problem. Assign staff to Work Orders and have staff detail work performed for customer / management reporting. Management review pages summarize open work orders, started work orders and completed work orders. Create reports that allow precise customer billings helping to recoup lost time and billing revenues.

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TnBTM - Internet Time & Billing Application Developed By Electrosonics, Inc.

1994-2002, Electrosonics, Inc., Fraser, Michigan